Kathren Van De Weert

Kathren Van De Weert

Designer / Project Coordinator

MA Architecture
BA Psychologyy

Grew up:
Lakewood, Colorado

Employment History:
Landscaper, receptionist at a fuel additive corporation, youth leader for high school and college students, church administrator, kitchen cabinet sales person, commercial insurance customer service representative, architectural intern at The Abo Group

When I'm not working, I enjoy:
Spending time with my husband and two beautiful daughters. In my spare time I enjoy getting together with friends, painting, drawing, and decorating. I am an enthusiastic runner and also like hiking and biking. I love to travel, and my favorite destinations have been Rome, Italy, and a mission trip to Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Favorite places in Colorado:
Silverthorne, Breckenridge, anywhere in the mountains

Favorite examples of architecture:
Pantheon, Rome, Italy. I had the good fortune of being there while it was raining, and watching the rain fall through the oculus on to the marble floor was mesmerizing. Memorable moments with great architecture can etch themselves onto your soul.

  • Pantheon


  • Pantheon - the Oculus

    Pantheon - the Oculus

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